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All applications classified as administrative applications are outlined in Section 4.4.3. The following development review procedure shall apply to all administrative applications, unless variations or exceptions to the core procedure are expressly allowed in the particular application requirements stated in Section 4.11.

Core Administrative Application Development Review Procedure

1. Step 1: Pre-Application Conference.

a. A pre-application conference is mandatory for all administrative development applications. The Planning Director may grant a waiver from the requirement for a pre-application conference upon finding that the on-site and off-site impacts of the proposed development are likely to be minimal.

b. See Section 4.5.1 for applicable requirement for the pre-application conference, including attendance, scheduling, Planning Director review and recommendations, and effect of pre-application conference.

2. Step 2: Neighborhood Meetings.

a. Applicability. A neighborhood meeting is required only for administrative applications that the Planning Director determines may have adverse neighborhood impacts, including but not limited to traffic, noise, visual, or environmental impacts. The Planning Director shall determine the applicability of this subsection at the pre-application conference.

b. Applicable Requirements. See Section 4.5.2 for applicable requirements for a neighborhood meeting, including timing and number, notice, attendance, and Applicant’s written summary.

3. Step 3: Application Submittal.

a. The Applicant shall submit a complete application and all applicable submittal material in one package to the Planning Department. The submittal will be reviewed for completeness as outlined in Section 4.5.3 and Appendix A.

b. After the initial application is determined to be complete, the Applicant shall not make any changes to the development application or any accompanying plans or information, unless changes or additional information is requested.

4. Step 4: Notice of Application and posting of property.

a. Notices of application must be sent out upon certification that an application is complete. The applicant will supply the names and addresses for the surrounding property owners according to the required distance outlined in Section 4.5.6. Stamped envelopes will also be provided by the applicant.

b. The applicant will post the property according to Section 4.5.7.

5. Step 5: Review and Initial Comments to Applicant.

a. After receipt of a complete application, the plans will be distributed to Town Staff and applicable referral agencies. The application will be reviewed for technical accuracy, compliance with this Land Use Code, and other relevant regulations and ordinances, and shall evaluate the proposal according to adopted review criteria.

Referral agencies will be given twenty-one (21) days to provide comments to the Project Planner. Comments provided by referral agencies will be communicated to the applicant in a formal Development Review report.

6. Step 6: Submission of Revised Application.

a. After the initial comments are received by the Applicant, the Applicant shall revise the development application as necessary to respond to all comments in the initial report and shall submit the revised application package to the Planning Department. The Applicant is encouraged to work with the staff and agencies to resolve any concerns. Revised plans shall reflect all resolutions. Any remaining issues should be documented and communicated to both Town Staff and applicable agencies. The revised application shall include the Applicant’s response to each comment raised by Town Staff and referral agencies.

b. The Applicant shall submit the revised application and related materials to the Planning Department within one hundred twenty (120) days. If a revised application is not received within this time frame, the Applicant will be notified that the lack of submittal constitutes a withdrawn project unless a revised application is received within an additional sixty (60) days. If an application is not submitted and no extension has been approved by the Planning Director in the allowed one hundred eighty (180), the application shall be considered withdrawn. Any resubmittal of the application will be treated as a new application.

7. Step 7: Review and Final Comments.

a. After an application has been submitted for second review, the project will be reviewed by Town Staff and referral agencies with outstanding comments in the initial comments. The timeframe for this review will range from ten to twenty-one (10 – 21) days as determined by the Project Planner, based on the level of complexity of the outstanding comments.

b. Written comments will be submitted by the Project Planner and review agencies. Comments will include a final recommendation on the application.

c. A final report compiling all comments will be provided to the Applicant. The report will outline any comments left to be addressed. Any comments left unaddressed will become recommended conditions of approval.

8. Step 8: Final decision by Planning Director.

a. The Planning Director shall take final action and either approve, approve with conditions, or deny the application. The Planning Director shall notify the Applicant of the final action and advise the Applicant, as applicable, that the Applicant must satisfy or accept all conditions of approval prior to issuance of a building permit.

b. Referral to Planning Commission and Board of Trustees.

(1) The Planning Director may refer all decision making to the Planning Commission and Board of Trustees as outlined in Section 4.5.4.