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Part 6 Sign Maintenance
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1. Generally. Signs and sign structures of all types (attached, detached, and temporary) shall be maintained as provided in this Section.

2. Paint and finishes. Paint and other finishes shall be maintained in good condition. Peeling finishes shall be repaired. Signs with running colors shall be repainted, repaired, or removed if the running colors were not a part of the original design.

3. Weathering and fading. Temporary signs that have faded or weathered such that their condition is obviously and materially degraded shall be removed.

4. Mineral deposits and stains. Mineral deposits and stains shall be promptly removed.

5. Corrosion and rust. Permanent signs and sign structures shall be finished and maintained to prevent corrosion and rust. A patina on copper elements (if any) is not considered rust.

6. Damage. Permanent signs that are damaged shall be repaired or removed within sixty (60) days. Temporary signs that are damaged (e.g., broken yard signs, torn banners) shall be removed, repaired, or restored within twenty-four (24) hours.

7. Level position. Signs that are designed to be level, whether temporary or permanent, shall be installed and maintained in a level position. If such signs fall out of a level position, they shall be removed or righted within twenty-four (24) hours.

8. Banner tension. Banners shall be stretched to minimize wrinkles and sagging. Banners that lose tension shall be re-stretched or removed within twenty-four (24) hours.

9. EMC maintenance. If an EMC is damaged or otherwise malfunctions, it shall repaired, replaced, or removed (along with all associated electronics and mounting brackets) within thirty (30) days. (Ord. 1216 §1 (Exh. A), 2016)