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(a) Recreational vehicles, utility trailers defined. Recreational vehicle, as used in this Section, is defined as any vehicle which may be used for recreation or personal purposes and shall include, but not be limited to, a boat, motor home, camper trailer, detached camper or detached trailer of any design, whether commercially manufactured or homemade. Recreational vehicle includes any trailer used to transport any recreational vehicle(s).

Recreational vehicle utility trailers shall specifically not include any semi-trailer, truck-tractor which is governed by the provisions at Section 8-41 above.

Utility trailer is defined as any wheeled vehicle, commercially manufactured or homemade, without motive power, which is designed to be drawn by a motor vehicle and which is generally and commonly used to carry and transport or haul any matter or material solely for personal purposes. Any trailer used for business or commercial purposes shall meet the definition of commercial vehicle as established at Subsection 8-41(a) above.

(b) Prohibitions.

(1) As the owner or operator of any recreational vehicle or utility trailer, it is unlawful to park any such vehicle on any public right-of-way, including any street, alley or public parking lot, except during the loading or unloading of such vehicle when such loading or unloading is completed within seventy-two (72) hours of such parking. A recreational vehicle may be parked in a public parking lot or private parking lot when such parking is in conjunction with personal or official business at the location of the parking, but in no event shall such parking extend longer than twenty-four (24) hours. The owner or operator of a recreational vehicle parked for longer than twenty-four (24) hours in a public parking lot or private parking lot may be charged with such violation upon complaint of the property owner or when the interest of public health safety and/or welfare dictate the necessity of charging such violation.

(2) An owner or occupant of private property may park or store on such property one (1) recreational vehicle and one (1) utility trailer that he or she owns. Unless parked or stored in an approved structure, such vehicle and trailer may be parked or stored in the backyard of the property, screened from view from adjacent properties and public rights-of-way. One (1) such vehicle may be parked in the driveway of the property. No recreational vehicle or utility trailer may be parked in such a manner as to create a traffic hazard or block passage on the sidewalk or other right-of-way.

(3) No person shall use any recreational vehicle or utility trailer for storage.

(4) No person shall use any recreational vehicle or utility trailer for the operation of a business or residence, while stored or parked.

(5) No mobile home may be located permanently or temporarily in any residential area unless said area is zoned for the same. (Ord. 966 §2, 2008; Ord. 1049 §§1, 2, 2010; Ord. 1226 §1, 2016)