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(a) There is hereby established a Public Safety Impact Fee and Fund, said fee to be used for capital improvements including without limitation police protection planning, preliminary architectural and engineering services, architectural and engineering design studies, land surveys, land acquisition, site improvements and off-site improvements associated with new or expanded facilities; the construction of buildings and facilities; and the purchase of public safety and police apparatus and equipment, including communications equipment, with an average useable life of at least five (5) years, and other similar expenditures necessary to adequately protect and defend new development and its inhabitants while maintaining the Frederick Police Department’s current insurance services organization rating. "Capital improvement" does not include periodic or routine maintenance of facilities and equipment, personnel costs or operational expenses.

(b) This fee established by the Frederick Public Safety Impact Fee Study and dated December 5, 2019, is a reasonable fee sufficient to cover the costs of administration, inspection, publication of notice and similar matters for this fund, which will be charged to applicants for building permits based on the nature of the proposed development. The fee schedule will be adopted by resolution periodically by the Board of Trustees and shall include rates for commercial/industrial, single-family residential and multifamily residential. (Ord. 1331 §1, 2019)