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Part 1 Findings – Purpose – Objectives – Authority – Applicability – Exceptions
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The Board of Trustees finds as follows:

1. This Article advances important, substantial, and compelling governmental interests.

2. The regulations set out in this Article are unrelated to the suppression of constitutionally protected free expression and do not involve the content of protected messages which may be displayed on signs, nor do they involve the viewpoint of individual speakers.

3. The incidental restriction on the freedom of speech that may result from the regulation of signs hereunder is no greater than is essential to the furtherance of the important, substantial, and compelling interests that are advanced by this Article.

4. The Town has an important and substantial interest in preventing sign clutter (which is the proliferation of signs of increasing size and dimensions as a result of competition among property owners for the attention of passing motorists and pedestrians), because sign clutter:

a. Creates visual distraction and obstructs views, potentially creating a public safety hazard for motorists, bicyclists, and pedestrians;

b. May involve physical obstructions of streets or sidewalks, creating public safety hazards;

c. Degrades the aesthetic character of the Town, making the Town a less attractive place for residents, visitors, commerce, and private investment; and

d. Dilutes or obscures messages displayed along the Town’s streets through the proliferation of distracting structures that compete for attention.

5. The Town has an important and substantial interest in protecting the health of its tree canopy, which contributes to the character and value of the community.

6. The Town has a substantial and/or compelling interest in preventing traffic accidents.

7. Sign clutter can be reduced and prevented by reasonable sign regulations that:

a. Do not relate to the content of the regulated signs; and

b. Balance the legitimate needs of individuals, entities, and organizations to convey messages with the legitimate objectives of the Town to promote public safety; sustain, protect, and enhance community character; and support and enhance private property values.

8. Signs may be degraded, damaged, moved, or destroyed by wind, rain, snow, ice, and sun, and after such degradation, damage, movement, or destruction, such signs harm the safety and aesthetics of the Town’s streets if they are not removed.

9. Certain types of speech are not constitutionally protected due to the harm that they cause to individuals or the community.

10. The Town has a compelling interest in protecting minors from speech that is harmful to them as provided by state or federal law, and such speech may be prohibited in places that are accessible to minors. (Ord. 1216 §1 (Exh. A), 2016)