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MFH homeowners’ associations. All manufactured housing developers shall establish an association of homeowners in their development. The homeowners’ association shall establish bylaws governing the association which shall satisfy certain standards, including but not limited to the following:

1. Mandatory participation in the homeowners’ association for the purpose of maintenance of all common areas, buffer areas and vacant lots within the subdivision to enforce restrictive covenants.

2. Binding effect on all future property owners.

3. Perpetual existence.

4. Unaffected by any change in zoning or land use.

5. Assurance of adequate maintenance.

6. Enforceable by the Town by appropriate legal action.

7. That, if maintenance or preservation of common areas or lots no longer comply with the provisions of the association’s document, the Town may take all necessary action to assure compliance and assess to the association all costs incurred by the Town for such purpose, including reasonable attorney fees.