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a. Street design standards.

1. All interior streets in a manufactured home park shall be privately owned and maintained by the park owner and shall be a minimum width of twenty-two (22) feet from back of curb to back of curb, including the width of gutter pans.

2. Primary through streets shall be thirty-four (34) feet from back of curb to back of curb, with a four-foot detached sidewalk on one (1) side being located six (6) feet from the back of curb.

b. Parking.

1. Every manufactured home space shall have two (2) off-street parking spaces adjacent to the manufactured home. There shall be one (1) additional parking space for each manufactured home space within one hundred (100) feet for use of occupants and guests.

2. Off-street vehicle parking for park recreation facilities. Off-street vehicle parking shall be provided for recreation facilities located within a manufactured home park. One (1) space per two hundred fifty (250) square feet of gross floor area, plus one (1) space per employee at the maximum shift, shall be provided for enclosed recreation facilities. Twenty (20) spaces are to be provided for every diamond or athletic field, or one (1) space for every four (4) spectator seats, whichever is greater. (One [1] seat is equal to two [2] feet of bench seating length.) Handicapped parking spaces shall be provided in conformance with the Americans With Disabilities Act, as may be amended from time to time.

c. Pedestrian circulation. The developer shall provide for a system of pedestrian circulation within the development. The system shall connect with existing sidewalks, if any are adjacent to the property. The system shall be designed to link residential units with recreation facilities, school bus stops and existing sidewalks in the neighborhoods. Detached sidewalks within the manufactured home park shall be minimum of four (4) feet in width.

d. Street and sidewalk lighting. All streets and sidewalks shall be lighted in accordance with the standards contained in this Code.

e. Access and circulation. A manufactured home park development shall have two (2) means of access to public streets at the perimeter of the site. Internal circulation may be provided by public or private streets, driveways and alleys. Each manufactured home space shall be provided access to the internal circulation system. No manufactured home space shall have direct access to a public street on the perimeter of the site.

f. Sidewalk between street and manufactured home. Concrete sidewalks shall be provided between the manufactured home and the adjacent street sidewalk; except that the paved parking area may satisfy this requirement, provided that a sidewalk is provided from the parking area to the manufactured home.

g. Traffic control.

1. Pursuant to Section 42-4-1102, C.R.S., the Town elects to impose and enforce stop sign regulations, speed limits and parking restrictions posted in accordance with the Manual of Uniform Traffic Control Devices upon all highways and streets which are privately maintained in manufactured home parks. The owner of the manufactured home park shall provide such signs as may be required by the Traffic Engineer, and agrees to erect and maintain such signs in conformity with the Model Traffic Code.

2. The stop sign placement, speed limits and parking restrictions shall be determined by the Traffic Engineer, but shall be consistent with the provisions of Sections 42-4-1101 to 42-4-1104 et seq., 42-4-1204 and 42-4-1208, C.R.S.

3. There shall be posted at each entrance to any such manufactured home park a sign giving notice of such enforcement in the following text: “NOTICE: Stop sign, speed limits and parking restrictions enforced by the Town of Frederick.”

4. When all signs are in place, stop signs, speed limits and parking regulations shall be enforced and violations thereof punished in accordance with the provisions of the Model Traffic Code then in effect.

h. Utility design requirement.

1. All public utilities shall be installed in accordance with the applicable Town or District standards.

2. A manufactured home park may have multiple master meters for water service.

3. Each manufactured home space shall have its own meter for water and electrical service.

i. Manufactured home space landscaping. The developer shall provide front and rear manufactured home space landscaping for each manufactured home space, including but not limited to sod and irrigation systems and trees and shrubs from the Town’s list of approved plant materials contained in the Comprehensive Plan. The developer shall provide a graphical representation of "typical" manufactured home space landscaping for each of the manufactured home designs to be located in the manufactured home park, for review and approval by the Planning Commission and Board of Trustees.

j. Manufactured home park perimeter and common space landscaping. The developer shall landscape the perimeter and common open space of the manufactured home park in accordance landscaping plans submitted to the Planning Commission and Board of Trustees for review and approval.

k. Outdoor living area.

1. No less than eight percent (8%) of the gross site area shall be reserved for and devoted to improved recreation areas and facilities provided in or locations convenient to all manufactured home spaces.

2. An outdoor living area shall be provided on each space equal to at least ten percent (10%) of its area, provided that in no case shall such area be less than three hundred (300) square feet or required to be more than five hundred (500) square feet. The minimum horizontal dimension of such area shall be not less than fifteen (15) feet.

3. Such outdoor living area shall be properly drained, located for convenience and optimum use and walled, fenced or landscaped to provide reasonable privacy.

l. Tenant storage.

1. A separate uniform tenant storage structure may be provided for each space, located on each space.

2. There may be a minimum of two hundred twenty-four (224) cubic feet of storage area provided for each manufactured home space.

3. Design and location of tenant storage shall enhance the appearance of the park, and the exterior siding of the structure shall have the same appearance as materials commonly used on residential dwellings.

m. Street names, addressing and mail delivery. All streets shall be named on the MH Park development plan and submitted by the owner for approval. Each space shall be numerically designated for address and mail purposes and signs furnished and installed by the manufactured home park owner. Cluster postal boxes will be provided at a central location convenient to the residents. No individual street-side mail boxes are permitted unless otherwise approved by the Town.

n. Solid waste disposal.

1. The owner of the manufactured home park shall be responsible for the promulgation and enforcement of rules and regulations governing solid waste storage and handling that meet or exceed state or federal regulations.

2. The owner shall provide containers for the storage of solid wastes awaiting collection for each manufactured home space. Containers are to be sized to completely contain all solid wastes that are generated on the premises. Containers are to be fly-tight, watertight and rodent-proof, and are to be kept off the street, curb, sidewalk and all other public ways and concealed from public view, except on collection day.