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a. The manufactured home must be partially or entirely manufactured in a factory.

b. The manufactured home must be not less than twenty-four (24) feet in width and thirty-six (36) feet in length.

c. The manufactured home must be set on an excavated, backfilled, engineered foundation enclosed at the perimeter so that the top of the perimeter wall sits no more than twelve (12) inches above finish grade. The foundation shall be similar in appearance and durability to the masonry foundation of a site-built dwelling. The foundation shall provide an anchoring system for the manufactured home that is totally concealed under the structure.

d. The manufactured home must have brick, wood or cosmetically equivalent exterior siding on all exterior walls which provides a consistent, continuous facade from the bottom of the soffit (top of the wall section) downward to the top of the exposed perimeter foundation. The exterior siding of the manufactured home must have the same appearance as materials commonly used on residential dwellings. Metal siding must be painted or anodized.

e. The manufactured home must have a pitched roof with a pitch of at least a nominal 3:12. The roof must be covered with shingles, shakes or tile. Eaves of the roof must extend at least one (1) foot from the intersection of the roof and the exterior walls.

f. The manufactured home must have windows that are wood, vinyl-coated or anodized aluminum.

g. The manufactured home must have color-coordinated body and trim. Colors of both the factory components and the site-built components shall be the same.

h. The main entrance to the manufactured home must face or be oriented toward an adjacent street.

i. The transportation mechanisms, including the wheels, axles and hitch, must be removed.

j. No manufactured home shall be occupied for dwelling purposes unless it is properly placed in a manufactured home space and connected to water, sewer, electric and gas utilities, as appropriate.

k. All manufactured homes shall be certified pursuant to the "National Manufactured Housing Construction and Safety Standards Act of 1974," 42 U.S.C. §5401 et seq., as amended or shall be certified by the Colorado Division of Housing pursuant to Section 24-32-701 et seq., C.R.S.

l. All manufactured homes shall have an enclosed crawl space underneath the manufactured home and shall not provide a harborage for rodents or create a fire hazard. No enclosed crawl space shall be used for storage unless the storage area is surfaced with concrete. Adequate access and ventilation shall be provided in accordance with the Guidelines for Manufactured Housing Installation.

m. Additions to increase the floor area of manufactured home shall not be permitted except for patios, porches, garages, decks or carports. Garages may be detached or attached.

n. Prior to occupancy, the Building Inspector shall inspect each manufactured home to determine compliance with the Municipal Code. No occupancy shall be permitted or certificate of occupancy issued until said inspection and all connections to public utilities have been made. The owner or home builder shall pay to the Town a building permit fee for each residential structure as may be required by the Municipal Code. Installation procedures and the building permit fee shall be in accordance with the then-current Guidelines for Manufactured Housing Installation, including appendices, published by the International Conference of Building Officials for manufactured homes and as adopted by the Town.

o. All additions shall comply with minimum yard requirements, and a building permit shall be required in advance for any such addition.